About Endure Dynamics

The company is founded in the technology hub of the blue ridge mountains (Roanoke, VA). We are business technology consultants that provide individualized solutions to enable customers to focus on what they do best!

What value do we offer?

This company exists to help small and medium sized business win with technology and analytics. Our mission is to find a way to help the companies that want to focus on serving their customers rather than deal with a bunch of unconnected software and static data reports. We make technology simple and provide analytics as our customers are ready for it. We provide a cost effective solution.

We are Relentless!

We know how to dress and impress in our customers corporate offices. We also know how to compete at the highest level of ultra racing. The owner, Kevin, finished #11 overall man (#1 Overall Age Group) in IUTA in 2022. These are races ranging from 281.2 to 703.0 miles at a time. Our approach is to train hard, live right, and race fast. This is why we are often always on the podium (4 podium finishes in 6 events). We take our work as seriously as we take our racing.

Education & Experience

The owner, Kevin, is a proud triple hokie and a graduate of the Virginia Tech Center for Business Analytics graduate program. We have worked with multiple companies in varying industries across Virginia.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I hire Endure Dynamics?

The world of data analytics has changed so rapidly in the last five years. We are lifelong technical scholars that stay up to date with the latest analytics offerings and technology products. We continually research technology so that we can offer and recommend the right mix of tools and technology to make our customers successful. We also love our customers to a fault so while we are here to make money; we are always willing to do whatever it takes for our customers to have the technology they need. From a business perspective; we have the knowledge, education, skills, character, work ethic, and persistence to do analytics better than everyone else out there. We take pride in our work and our customers success!

Why does Endure Dynamics highly recommend Caspio?

Caspio is a true "no-code"/"point-and-click" DIY SaaS web application product. We use Caspio for software integration, application builds, and to ultimately replace outdated tools that we find around businesses such as dashboards and excel files. We are certified developers and silver-level partners with Caspio. We are happy to point you in the right direction for additional information & free trial offerings. Take it from us - we left other web application affiliate programs because Caspio is simply unbeatable. From development to compliance; this is the one product every business needs for todays digital world.

Are there any problems Endure Dynamics cannot take on?

We are happy to provide free consultation for any type of data-heavy or technological type problem. While we can solve some of the most complex problems out there; we do not currently offer any assistance whatsoever with next gen AI models. Our research leads us to the conclusion that these models contain billions of private data points that have no business being in them. Our stance is that we will not support them in any way until there is an announced strategy in place to "unteach" or permanently remove the sensitive data (personal, financial, etc) from these models.

What kind of support does Endure Dynamic provide?

We are here to help customers as much as we can. As we specialize in data analytics and data science; we are always willing to back any of our basic analytics, advanced analytics, and data science offerings. For application builds; we are always willing to go above & beyond to help our customers solve their problem. With Caspio, we are a part of a network of 29 other builders so if there is something beyond our area of expertise; we will pinpoint the correct caspio partner that can assist our customers and make sure the problem is solved. There should never be a time that a customer can't solve their problem with us. There should also never be a time where a customer feels like they don't have the support they need for the technology we either created for them or helped them create on their own.